About Me

Waldorf Morning Verse

This morning verse represents my basic beliefs, dreams, and hopes of how I live/reflect my life experiences. I'm both an artist and a scientist and view the world as an endless palette for growth:

I look into the world
In which the sun is shining
In which the stars are sparkling
In which the stones repose
Where living plants are growing
Where sentient beasts are living
Where man within his soul
Gives dwelling to the Spirit
I look into the soul
That lives within my being
The World Creator weaves
In sunlight and in soul-light
In world space there without
In soul depths here within
To Thee, Creator Spirit
I turn my heart to ask
That blessing and pure strength
For learning and for work
May ever grow within me
Basic Info:
Birthday: July 1st
Hometown: Freeport, Long Island
Waldorf School of Garden City
St John's Episcopal School Of Nursing: R.N.
Brooklyn College: B.S. Minor in Art
National Louis University: M.S.
Artist (mixed media, semi-realistic and abstract)
See my Gallery for examples.
Civilian ICU Nurse & Nursing Instructor
Military Chief Nurse & Commander
Nurse: Active Duty ICU & Education
USAF Reserves Medical Aerovac: Sr. Chief Nurse & Sr. Flight Nurse Instructor
FDA Senior Scientist/Renal Expert (Office Of Device Evaluation)
Author of the Renal chapters: "Critical Care Nursing: A Holistic Approach" published by Lippincott

Background as an artist includes:

I started my "artistic journey" at the Waldorf School in the first grade in Garden City, Long Island New York.  All students, both male & female, were exposed to watercolor by using only the three primary colors. Also, each "Main Lesson" was mirrored by some form of an art media, (for example a lesson in mythology might be accompanied by sculpture, painting, mosaic, or tile works).  I continued to formally study art at Brooklyn College where I received a BS in Science & a minor in Art. In the past I've had the priviledge of studying with numerous talented artists.  This experience led me to many different ways that can be used to enhance a watercolor media piece.  I feel that these different techniques have enabled me to give more impact to my work.  Some of my work is a combination of watercolor, acrylics, guache, papers, and inks.